Be all you can be

We often hear about people who always knew what they wanted to be from the very early stages of life: the musician who studied music since he was a kid, the lawyer who always wanted to be a lawyer or the athlete who sacrificed his youth practicing to become the best in his discipline. In our society these individuals are seen as mentors as they had one true calling in their life and that is considered the key of their success. The reality is that many of us are not sure about what we want to be in life and we do not fit into the norm of being good at one thing in life. passion.


Finding your passion(s)

The truth is that we are allowed to have multiple selves but choosing one path is just a model we have been taught to follow.

Our personalities have limitless options and exploring them leads people to personal grow, find freedom and attain more happiness.

I spent my twenties aiming for stability both in my career and in my relationships: I became a teacher and I got married. I thought that reaching this goal would make me happy but it didn’t. I was constantly unsatisfied with my existence or who I was and that made me feel extremely frustrated and ungrateful for what I had.

Looking at my real desires was frightening because that would involve making decisions and changes. I felt caged inside the “perfect” life I created for myself and I did not know how to escape. I ended up hitting rock bottom and that became the starting point for rebuilding my self.


Rebuilding myself

My blog goes through the steps I took to move forward from my past situation. I won’t sell it to you as easy but what I can tell you for now is that I did change my life and I did find happiness. your passion.

I became a psychotherapist and a professional model in my thirties and I am now starting out to become a blogger. It may sound cliché but it is the truth: no one believed in me until they saw it happening. The day I realised I could do everything and anything I wanted to do and become who I wanted to be was the day I experienced freedom and fear simultaneously. It ended up being the most powerful and empowering experience of my life.

Learning about ourselves can be a very challenging and highly emotional process, especially when we have to face our weaknesses and fears. However, commencing your journey of self-discovery on a positive note is by far the best way to start. Begin your journey by exploring things that your find interesting, discover your passions and talents and lose yourself in them. Do not deny your skills or your abilities, release them. Aim high to achieve your full potential and create the very best version of yourself. Remember that believing in yourself is the first step to your success. your passion.

Every day is a new opportunity to discover who we are and to embrace who we want to be.

I have myself so much that I still want to accomplish and learn in my life and I am already hunting for who I have not yet become.


With Love x


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