How to Survive Unhealthy Weekend Habits

In this video Stefan provides some useful tips and tricks on how to survive unhealthy weekend eating habits.

Stefan explains how to stay on track and still have fun. His Friday to Sunday smart eating tips and tricks will help you avoiding cravings and overeating in social situations.

The weekend can represent a real challenge to our health and weight-loss achievements.

We all know how it goes. During the week we work out every day, make good food choices and avoid temptations and on the weekend our willpower goes out the window. We work hard at being fit and losing weight to let the weekend blowing our diet with cheap meals.

Why does it happen?

During the week most of us tend to follow a schedule. We wake-up, eat breakfast, go to work, eat planned snacks during our breaks and enjoy our meals at the same scheduled time. Some of us even pack a whole day’s worth of food and do pretty well at making healthy decisions day by day.

During the weekend we normally function without a set schedule and we are exposed to more opportunities for temptation such as social activities. One weekend can easily undo a whole week of healthy habits and discipline.

However weekends don’t have to be this way. In fact they can represent a great time to practice healthy behaviours as we usually have more time available.

Would you like to know how to change your unhealthy weekend habits?

Follow Stefan ideas to be healthier this weekend and remain healthy for many more weekends to come!