How to Cultivate the Loving Self

The statement ‘you need to love yourself’, can come across as a cliche if the statement is all that you have been offered.

Loving yourself means that you have respect for yourself and expect to be treated in ways which do not demean you.

It also means that you are kind to yourself mentally and physically. This also requires that you don’t replay your failures or mistakes in your head. And it means that you are not verbally abusive to yourself in your thoughts and you also take care of your physical needs for rest, exercise, and eating healthy.

Loving yourself means that you accept that you will never be perfect.

It means that you forgive yourself for mistakes and you don’t consider yourself a loser because you are having a hard time. It also means you understand that you are a work in progress and making mistakes is part of this process called life.

In the How to Cultivate your loving Self video the Brain Guru takes this statement and accompany it with 4 ways you can cultivate self-love or better yet 4 ways to help you develop the loving part of yourself that can nourish and support sustainable personal growth.

The 4 interventions described by the Brain Guru are nourishment, enjoyment, celebration and honouring.

Watch the video of the Brain guru as he expands on the 4 interventions that can build and cultivate the loving part of you.


Watch the video “Self-love comes first” in the “Yes, I am” section.