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Yes I am Blog – Laura DB

Who Am I?

I am…

  • a Learning Soul
  • a Model
  • a Psychotherapist 
  • a Blogger

….and I am also many more things than just a list.

Ciao, I’m Laura, I am Italian and I live in Sydney, Australia. This is who I am…

a Learning Soul

When I was 18, I left my home in Italy to find who I am and understand my true self.  At the time, I was not aware that this was the reason. I lived in Rhode Island in the United States for a while and then explored Europe before I arrived in Australia, a place I could finally call home. 

I studied Education and Linguistics as part of my degree on a Merit Scholarship and a Grad Dip in Counselling and Psychotherapy as part of my postgraduate studies.

My goal in life is to help those less fortunate who are experiencing hardship and emotional pain. I believe that kindness for those around us is profoundly beautiful.

I define myself as a learning soul. I have decided to embrace whatever life throws at me with total lack of in-betweens, defining this as the secret of my inner beauty and success.

a Model

I began modelling 2013.  I was in a restaurant having dinner when a photographer asked me if he could photograph me. I enjoyed the experience and I decided to continue pursuing modelling opportunities as a freelance model. 

In 2016 I joined the Silverfox Management Group, moving to Wink Models and Therightfit in 2017 who are currently my agents. I have appeared in several TV commercials shown in both Europe and Australia including Bing Lee, SaxoBank, Sensica and Super Sleeper. I have also been part of the Sydney Episode of the American art show “Canvasing the World” conducted by painter Sean Diediker. I have appeared in music video clips with Amber Lawrence, Fanny Lumsden and CREO band.

I have partnered with numerous, well-known national and international photographers, for magazine publications and commercial photography projects.

The way photography captures my emotions and allows to view myself through different perspectives is what I enjoy most about modelling. Modelling has been always great fun and I considered myself fortunate and honored to have the opportunities I have had and to be able to continue working with great professionals and artists of the industry.  

 a Psychotherapist

Upon gaining my Bachelor Degree in Education and Linguistics, I completed my postgraduate studies in counselling. As an Italian living and studying for my undergraduate degree in Australia, I became interested in and conducted projects and research on the cognitive processes of being bilingual. I wrote a thesis on the cognitive advantages of raising children bilingual as part of my Bachelor course. 

I worked in the education sector for more than 7 years and further to obtaining my counselling qualifications in 2013 I started working in Welfare for a leading tertiary study institution in Sydney where I am currently employed. As part of my job I counsel and support both local and international young adults who are experiencing hardship and personal issues. I am passionate about supporting individuals in their daily struggles, helping them overcome fears and embracing change.         

I recently joined the Feel Supported counselling service as an online Counselling Specialist and Psychotherapist.   

My method of counselling involves working collaboratively with individuals by offering a tailored approach. Through counselling, I implement a wide range of flexible, creative and evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions developed to improve well-being and mental health, to change or resolve unhelpful behaviours, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, addictions and to improve relationships and social skills.

Supporting individuals emotionally, psychologically and socially on a daily basis is a privilege and I truly love my job where happiness for those I help is just reward.

a Blogger

What you are reading is my first blog, however, this does not make me less than any other blogger.

It must be the introverted side of my personality that finds writing the most comfortable way to communicate and I feel a great sense of liberation when I express myself though words.

Williams Faulkner said “If a story is in you it has to come out”. I have many stories that I would like to share so here I am… sharing

Yes, I am now a blogger.