Author: Laura

Ciao... I’m Laura, I am the founder of this blog, I am also a model and a psychotherapist. I don’t believe in putting things in boxes, but in trying to contain and define the “Yes, I am” site it represents a validation and celebration of personal identity, self-esteem and life. My journey to reach self-esteem and self-love has been as much fascinating and empowering as has been overwhelming when I realised I had to face my fears and self-doubts. My undulating path called life carried me on a journey where I undertook a lot of personal reading and invested a great deal of time in self-reflection. However, what I discovered and what I truly believe is that people represent the greatest source of learning. It is through making the time to listen to other people’s life stories, their thoughts and perspectives where I learnt the most. Everyone had something I could learn from and sometimes, something that was said just “clicked” with my own values or made me see things from a different perspective. I made treasure of every one of the moments I spent listening and learning and have embraced them as part of my life. I am confident when I say that all the people I met in my life have somehow, contributed to the person I am today. I met many types of people from all walks of life: some gave me light and took me on an adventure, others knocked me down and took me through the thunderstorms of life. Despite the many joyful or painful memories that might be linked to them they all represented a precious value to my own personal growth. I do not claim to know it all. I don’t. I am myself a “work in progress” still learning in this journey called life. I don’t have a “5 magic step formula” to share in order to reach your full potential. Rather than some secret, magical formula I intend to share some of the life experiences that helped me in the hope that you may find something to benefit your own personal growth in some form, way or shape. As part of my personal life experience, I will also provide some psycho-education, advice on well-being and beauty from a team of amazing professionals to help develop your knowledge in these fields. A blog cannot be words alone and an artistic component forms part of the blog and thus photography, fashion and art add to the message and experience of the site making it enjoyable. “Yes, I am” became my own superpower and if you continue reading this blog it is probably because you are searching for the same outcome. You may not be consciously aware of this, however, within you the answers on how to reach the highest level of your self-esteem already exist. This is why next to the blog’s name “Yes, I am” I added the sentence “…and so do you”. In a nutshell this site aims to promote, personal grow, self-esteem, mental health, self-awareness, well-being, beauty, photography, food and art through the lens of my own life experience. I recently had a chat to a Social Media, Marketing and Business Developer hoping to receive some useful on how to promote my blog. He asked me who is my target audience and he explained that choosing an age frame, a gender and a social status that the blog is talking to is fundamental in order to decide the language and the content of the blog to make it popular and financially successful. I replied that I cannot make a choice on my target audience as my blog talks to all souls. The struggles of reaching self-esteem and self-love involve people from all ages, genders and social status so I am confident when I say that no matter who you are you will find some value in what is written here. I wish you all a happy navigation through my blog and I encourage you to provide feedback by respecting people’s diversity at all times. So welcome to the “Yes, I am” blog, this is my life journey and you are welcome to walk the road with me.