Yes, I am.

Stefan Romeo

Food Facts

Masters in Exercise Science and Nutrition

Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human movement

Diploma of Fitness

Stefan has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 7 years.

Growing up he has played sport and was lucky enough to play college tennis and he represented

Australia few years later in powerlifting. Throughout the years of competitive sport, he was always interested in nutrition.

His goal and mantra is to help people leading a happier and healthier life encompassing a healthy active lifestyle. The last two years he started SPR Health and Fitness and have been dedicated to helping people to reach their full potential with a complete result driven focus. He has been working on the philosophy of 20% exercise/movement to prevent sedentary lifestyle and 80% nutrition. Stefan also believes that results really come from a combination of exercise nutrition and 100% mindset.

Stefan is specialised in personalised meal plans. He is purely scientist based that brings a personal touch to help people achieve their ultimate potential.

Work experience:

Coburg Football Club: High Performance Manager

Tennis Australia: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Richmond Football Club: Strength Coach

Nunwadding Elite Swimming Club: Strength Coach

Melbourne Heart Football Club: Movement Coach

Personal Trainer at:

Niddre Health Club

Windy Hill Fitness Centre

Maribyrnong River Lifestyle Centre

Zap Fitness


You can contact Stefan for personalised nutrition advice and physical activity recommendations.